Cecilia Szabó Art Staged Photography
Cecilia Szabó

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Nature as a Staged Space                                                        Gallery»»»

Cecilia Szabó’s imaginative, surrealistic photographic images tell us stories about a familiar and yet alien mystical world. The photographs play with the boundaries between this world and netherworld, truth and fairy tale, light and shadow, reality and illusion.

Nature and, in particular, the woods as a magical symbol play a key role in the works, as they are the natural stage of many photographic images. In fairy tale language, the woods stand for wilderness and untouched beauty. For us human beings, it is a projection area of our desires, fantasies and visions. However, nature is not only the home of an imaginative fairy tale world, but also constitutes the elementary basis of our livelihood. With their strong reference to nature and the forces of nature, the photographic works establish a relationship between the human being, the mind and nature. This gives rise to an almost theatrical visual unit of fairy tale, myth and vegetation. Read more

Why Photography?

The images explore the possibilities of describing reality through the medium of photography. Irrational photographic images emerge that stand in strong contrast with their process of production. Read more